dab habits isn’t your average apparel brand. we do things a little differently than most companies because we follow a DIY approach for many of our products.

this methodology creates a unique connection between brand and consumer. we physically print every piece of clothing that you see on the site. every sticker was cut and peeled by the DH crew. this gives us a special bond with our customers and allows us complete control of the final product, so we are able to offer you a top quality garment without the top shelf prices.

But DH is more than just another clothing company, it is a collaborative think tank of like minded individuals. we partner with other brands and artists in our community and abroad to bring you the cleanest, most thoughtful, and cutting edge apparel and accessories on the market. we always do what we can to support this industry and those in it.

the phrase “dab habits” began as a clever saying a few years back when a crew of friends were discussing the moral fabrics of an ethical society, or something like that, while doing huge dabs. most of the details of that evening were lost in a hazy cloud but ultimately what stuck and emerged was the foundation for a ground shattering company.

dab habits is that company. we take pride in our lifestyle and strive to reflect that in our products. when you enjoy dabs, you develop dab habits. these dab habits lead to dab decisions. those dab decisions lead to snacks and naps. enjoy the habit responsibly *